Academic Task 1

Academic writing—what does that even mean? For some, it may conjure up images of your skin crawling; for others, you get... crickets! Nothing but silence and at times, a deep sense of confusion.

Well, for the purpose of IELTS, this aspect of the test exists to distinguish those who are ready for rigorous academics from those who need a little more time or assistance. You can find this across many forms: undergraduate courses, grad schools, P.h.D. programs, and more... where... you guessed it, English is the main form of communication. English is the common denominator, and it is what you need to show your proficiency in order for you to attain one of your goals.


Yes, with IELTS there are limitless options, but you’re not here for a list of reasons; nor are you here for some motivational speech about how you can do anything you put your mind to. You’re here for enlightenment and radical change. This happens when you have a clear path as to how you can boost your writing score by one. 

It is not a dream, friend. With a strong foundation, you can and WILL become an indestructible candidate for this test. For those of you who are seeking careers in: law, medicine, science—how you communicate, more specially, how you write, and how simply and accurately you can get your point across is key. This means that being able to, for instance, state, in written form, of course, how this data compares to previous points... or how maps change over time... will be front and center. When this information is conveyed with precision and without much flowery language, you are rewarded with (IELTS) dividends in the form of a higher band.

You don’t need outdated advice for mastering Task 1 of the Academic module. Trash the methods from the past and learn up-to-date strategies for conquering Task 1 like the Queen (or King) that you are. 

It’s time to put the fears or anxieties related to the written word behind you. Take charge of your journey by learning how to master Task 1 of the Academic test. It’s not as straight forward as you may think, and incorporating these integral steps into your practice will lead to results. After all, that is why you showed up here. You want results? You deserve them, and you’ve come to the right place.


In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  • 5 key ingredients to land you a ONE band higher score

  • how Task 1 is your résumé

  • why opinions should be left at home 😉

  • why you’ll start backwards; leave Task 1 for the end (trust me, you’ll want to know and do this)

  • how to interpret data and give facts because #RESULTS🌟 matter


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