Academic Task 2

It’s easy to get started once we know where we are headed. Or, at least, that is how that expression goes, right? Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the way you approach it, not having a clear path to start may not necessarily be a liability with respect to Academic Task 2 in IELTS.


Imagine if you were able to reshape your thinking in order to get recognizable results? It is possible as long as you know what you are up against. After all, expectations and reality are usually never aligned. However, if you are armed with proper preparation, you are not only ahead but you’re best positioned for measurable success.


Academic Task 2 is very different from Task 1. In fact, they are not related at all. Yes, both are for Academic candidates, but that does not mean that the way you respond to each is the same. Instead, there are unique features that separate Task 2 from Task 1 for Academic test takers. First, you have to get to know what Task 2 entails. Next, you need to determine what the question is asking you so that you can answer it. Finally, you have to figure out how to put these strategies into play to create the best action plan for you. 


You are in charge of how you approach Task 2. Sure, people (and the internet) can tell you general information and guidelines, but how do you filter all the advice to fit your specific needs or goals? Well, you flip the script. Instead of putting the blame on “getting a bad question” or “I didn’t have any experiences related to this question,” having a formula for answering any Task 2 prompt is key to getting an optimal score.


Task 2 is not complicated once you peel back all of the layers of mystery. Your questions go from: How do you address this question? How or where do you even start? What kind of examples do you give? Do you need to give several examples? Does my opinion need to be stated?—to confident statements: I know what my specific strategy is. I can maximize my preparation time on test day. I know the format that I’m going to use when writing. That is a seismic shift.

You internalized the preparation process and it is now all yours. Don’t let all of that energy and exertion go to waste. Your dreams are too important for that, and so are you.

Acing Task 2 takes time, perseverance, and adequate planning. You score is too valuable to not take it seriously. This requires you to put in the the time and effort needed to answer it fully. You need practical tools to get you there. Luckily, you don’t need to search any longer to find out what it is.


In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:


  • why to ALWAYS start with Task 2 (NOT doing this can cost you dearly)

  • how Task 2 is the cover letter to your (IELTS) job application

  • how becoming your own copy editor is your secret weapon for IELTS domination🔥

  • a foolproof method for time management (with specific times allocated for each part)

  • 5 puzzle pieces, that when combined, have the power to boost your score by 1 band #RESULTS🌟 matter


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