General Training Task 1

General Training (GT) kind of sounds like one of two things: Olympic-style preparation or some sort of stomach issue. For most, neither one of those options sound particularly appealing. Fortunately, GT Task 1 for IELTS is completely unrelated to either.


IELTS has two modules: General Training and Academic. Academic candidates take the test for... academic purposes— of course, right? That leaves you with the other segment of people who take IELTS GT because it is normally needed for immigration or for a job.


In fact, the entire GT writing module (both Tasks 1 and 2) is vastly different from the Academic one. Is this a cruel joke to make your life more miserable than it has to be? No, not at all. So, why do you take GT? In short, because the prompts (aka the questions) are what you will encounter in everyday life. Hence why it is called General Training. 

In the real world, (or, whatever your interpretation of that is) email is commonplace. You get a new message in your inbox that requires your attention, which means you need to write back to that individual. GT Task 1 is no different because you receive a request (the prompt) that you now have to fulfill (your response). While this is definitely not an email that you’re sending, being able to have clear structure and progression in your writing is incredibly useful to attaining a higher score. Knowing how to write a complete letter AND keeping in mind structure and progression will bring SUCCESS.

GT Task 1 asks you to write a letter (remember those?) to someone. You’re given the information that you need to address in your letter, but how do you: interpret the question, organize your thoughts, write, and edit—all in 20 minutes? Yes, 20 minutes is the suggested timeframe for it. It is possible to do all of the above without experiencing a minor panic attack? Of course, but you need adequate planning. 


The right tools come in the form of proper preparation. Moreover, they can be found right here. No additional search needed. Convenient, right?!


In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  • the main difference between GT & Academic (most test takers DON’T know this and it costs them)

  • how Task 1 is the cover letter to your (IELTS) job application (the opposite of Academic Task 1)

  • how sharing your opinions and examples lead to IELTS (and possibly worldwide😉) domination🔥

  • my proprietary guide for boosting your score by 1 band #RESULTS🌟 matter (HINT- there are 5 actionable steps)


And gain access to:

  • a peak inside my 🧠 (with my flow broken down for you to use)

  • a live sample of GT Task 1 answer with commentary (this explanation will eliminate any doubts that you had)

This🌟(Olympic-style)🌟and helpful General Training Task 1 Workshop is valued at $297, and you can access it or a different one by selecting a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.