General Training Task 2

The end is near, friend. It is so close that maybe you can even taste it (not literally, though).😉


All of your preparation has led to this very moment, GT Task 2. In Task 2, you are given a prompt (a topic) and you need to write a response in the form of an essay. Yes, an essay. When was the last time you wrote one of those—in English—no less? Perhaps, it’s been a while.

Instead of imagining the kinds of prompts that you might encounter, wouldn’t it be especially helpful to have someone work on one with you? This way you are able to see exactly what the process is? Then, you can make adjustments to your own action plan, which will net you greater confidence and, if implemented properly, can lead to a higher score. It’s not too good to believe. 

Does it take time, patience, and persistence? Yes, of course, but you have all of those traits, and you are ready to put in the work to obtain your goals. Look no further for all of your GT Task 2 queries. Leave the anxiety and stress behind you. This, right now, is your moment, your opportunity to be in control. Are you going to take it?


In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  • the main difference between GT & Academic (most test takers DON’T know this and it costs them)

  • how Task 2 is your CV to your (IELTS) job application (the polar opposite of Academic Task 2)

  • how sharing your opinions and examples lead to IELTS (and possibly worldwide😉) domination🔥

  • my exclusive method for boosting your score by 1 band #RESULTS🌟 matter (HINT- not using this will 


And gain access to:

  • my flow for answering GT Task 2, insights and humor included (a glimpse inside my 🧠)

  • a live answer of GT Task 2 answer with commentary (this explanation will squash any lingering doubts that you felt)


This🌟(ENTERTAINING)🌟and helpful General Training Task 2 Workshop is valued at $297, and you can access it or a different one by selecting a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.