Speaking Rubric 

IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS is complicated! Well, perhaps it's a bit more than confusing or a pain, but because this site is friendly for all, let's call it inconvenient, shall we? Is that fair? Good!

You've mastered Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the Speaking test. You've even (almost) memorized the Super Speaking Workshop, so by now you think that you cannot possibly have anything left to learn, right? Oh, you know that's not true. Thanks for trying, though!

This is now where you get to the best part of putting all of that hard work to its optimal use. Are you ready? Hold on to your pencil because this is all about flipping the script and turning the tables on this test. Instead of looking at it from the perspective of a candidate (which you are), what if you analyzed it from the examiner's viewpoint (what you should be)? Imagine the possibilities, friend? They would be limitless. Fun fact--it turns out that a lot of positive outcomes can arise from just looking at something from a new lens. Who knew? You did, of course!

There are 3 reasons you do this:

  1. Insight-- First, you gain valuable knowledge and an insider's look at what your examiner is looking for and how s/he is assessing it. This gives you an instant advantage over those who do not know what to expect. How? Well, simply because they are left with only questions, not answers. You get those questions answered. Better yet, you get solutions and a new frame of reference.

  2. Comprehension-- Second, you take all of the guess work out with respect to interpreting your Speaking score. By knowing what fluency and coherence ACTUALLY mean and how it applies to each band score, you are instantly in a strong position for success. Words and phrases found on the rubric like: grammatical range and accuracy will no longer leave you with feelings of unease and confusion. By knowing what and how to apply each criterion, your overall comprehension of the exam-- and thus your results-- are infinitely boosted.

  3. Score-- Finally, the number 1 way for you to boost your band score by 1 is to learn how to internalize the rubric, which you can then use to concentrate your time and effort on one or two specific areas. Imagine all of the time and frustration saved by simply gaining the resource that examiner's are armed with, and learning how to use it to your advantage. It's not impossible at all. In fact, it will lead to an improved score.

Thinking like an examiner is the key to getting a higher score. How? Well, you're taking all of the guess work out of the picture by arming yourself with the same knowledge base and tool--the speaking rubric--and learning how to interpret it. 


In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  • how to control your score (as you are now in the driver's seat)

  • how thinking like an examiner leads to a higher band (this is 100% true)

  • my proprietary method for breaking down the rubric into an easy to read and comprehensible format (because NO ONE likes feeling bewildered after you've been given the explanation 😉)

  • gain answers to the most sought-after, yet never revealed, secrets for interpreting the rubric

  • #IELTSRESULTS🌟 matter (perhaps more now than ever before)

This almost 🌟MYTHICAL🌟 explanation of the IELTS Speaking Rubric will leave you with ZERO questions as to what each criterion means. Kiss doubt goodbye and embrace confidence!


The Speaking Rubric Workshop is valued at $297, and you can access it or a different one by selecting a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.