Task 2 Rubric

Attention GT and Academic test takers!


You’ve made it! This is the moment of truth. Your truth, your moment. Embrace it by ensuring that you finish Task 2 on a very strong note.


Sure, knowing and feeling confident in all things Task 2 related is one key component. However, the candidate’s side is just one half of the puzzle. What about the other half of the equation? Never underestimate the utility of the rubric. After all, when you know how to interpret the rubric, you now have an immensely helpful and powerful tool at your fingertips.


Do you have to do this solo/a? Absolutely... not!

Perhaps, that is the best part because you don’t have to go through this journey alone. Instead, you have the opportunity to have a secret wand in your pocket that is ready to sprinkle Task 2 rubric magic into your beautiful brain. Deep breath in and out. Go ahead, try it again. Doesn’t that feel right? Do you feel like you can let out an exhale without having to second guess yourself? Yes, that is what empowerment is all about, friend. It’s a pretty fabulous feeling, right?! However, in case you are not feeling 100% confident that you can do this (and you can, by the way), this is for you. 


By this time in your IELTS journey, you’ve mastered all aspects of the Speaking test, along with Task 1 and Task 2 of the writing module. Now is your shining moment to put all that you’ve learned to good use. Here, “good use” means that you will test your practical knowledge learned from the workshops by training yourself to think like an examiner. Then, and only then, is your preparation and quest for worldwide (IELTS) rule complete. It honestly doesn’t get any better than that, friend. 


Imagine the possibilities that will come your way when you reframe your way of approaching something, in this case—IELTS— in a completely unfiltered light? Therefore, what is stopping you? 


In fact, you literally have nothing to lose when you open your mind to a new way of thinking. So, why not change it? Your mind doesn't have to remain fixed. It is not as complicated as it sounds. What does it take? Well, it takes consistently showing up for yourself.

In this on-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  • how to create an examiner’s mindset (become an IELTS superhero)

  • how to unlock each band’s immense potential in under 5 words (guaranteed to not find this anywhere else)

  • why giving examples and opinions can unleash IELTS domination🔥

  • my proprietary method for boosting your score by 1 band #RESULTS🌟 matter (HINT- these are five, key components you must know)


And gain access to:

  • my flow for interpreting Task 2 rubric, insights included (a glimpse inside my 🧠)

  • a live Task 2 answer with commentary (this explanation will transform the way you forever approach IELTS)


This Task 2 Rubric Workshop is filled with helpful and practical 🌟gems.🌟 It is valued at $297, and you can access it or a different one by selecting a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.