Part 1 Workshop 

IELTS Speaking Test

There are some words or phrases that are scarier than others. When you were a child, maybe it was, “We’re going to see your doctor.” Do you remember what that meant?! Generally, that was your parent’s way of gently telling you that you were about to get a shot (usually in the arm) for something. For most children, those memories are NOT fun. 


Flash forward to the present, shall we? You’re about to start an exciting mission: taking the IELTS Speaking test. Okay, so maybe you’re not as thrilled as I am. (Yes, it’s completely true; I’m an IELTS nerd, and proud of it!) From my Super Speaking Workshop, you already know that there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the Speaking test, but what about breaking down each part of the Speaking test. After all, you know there are three parts, but how do you figure out how best to practice for each? That’s a great question! Well, have no fear, my friend, here’s your answer.


The Part 1 Workshop details the steps that you can take to make Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking test seem like your best friend. How? Well, every piece of Part 1 is clearly illustrated and filled with specific examples on ways for YOU to get the best possible score. 


In the on-demand Part 1 Workshop you’ll:


  • gain valuable insight into all things Part 1 that you never KNEW existed

  • learn practical strategies that’s you can put into action IMMEDIATELY

  • hear REAL case studies of previous clients and how to use what they learned to turn your confusion into lightbulb moments

  • watch it on-demand (or on your own time) because everyone deserves #flexibility in their lives

  • never have to type into a search engine “IELTS Part 1” and HOPE 🤞 that you get accurate information

  • invest in your present to see the greatest return on your future


My goal is to make you feel confident and prepared about Part 1. This is not a visit to your doctor’s office. Instead, this is an opportunity to realize your #DREAMS! Are you ready? Let’s dive in... right... NOW!


The Part 1 Workshop is valued at $297. To gain access to it, select a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.