An Education in Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Welcome, friends!

Day one of my venture into the virtual realm stemmed from a conversation with Melissa, my sister, who lives with her family in Sydney. Yes, that Sydney, and no, the time difference isn’t THAT bad. I was chatting with her when I shared what I’d like to do with respect to starting my own business. She, of course, was exuding encouragement and excitement as she, too, started her own business, albeit eight years ago. In the same vein as I DON’T recommend preparing for ESL assessments on your own, I sought out and received professional advice. I was given a blueprint that for the next few weeks and months would consume my life (in a REALLY good way).

Step one was to file my business with the state in which I live, along with all of the necessary accoutrement (French, I know) in which I live using Legal Zoom. No, I don’t get a commission for this. Yes, I did use them to file the necessary paperwork. The next step was to create a domain name via GoDaddy. Again, this is NOT a paid endorsement, just my path. Both of these items were not free; I understood that there were upfront costs associated with starting a business (I did study economics after all- true story). However, what I absolutely appreciate and what is so apparent, especially now, is that preparation is key for all fruitful ventures. In order for me to get this (my business) up and running I must invest my hard-earned dollars and time, wisely. There is a distinct parallel between starting my business and the services in which I offer. We both want to to succeed. After all, it takes true grit in order to realize the end goal.

Tune in next time for day two where I navigate creating my own website- from scratch! Websites + Lori Llarena = enthusiastic adventures.

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Until next time, happy IELTSing.

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