Consider Wearing Contacts

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Here’s a line that I thought I’d never associate with ESL testing— wear contacts to your next text. It sounds odd on many levels, but given our current global climate (I’m looking at you, COVID-19), it’s very practical advice. Why? Well, imagine you’re wearing a mask, which is becoming mandatory at more testing centers around the world. Now, you add a pair of glasses to your mask and you might have a problem reading the screen or the piece of paper in front of you as you’re not allowed to remove your mask. What do you do? Either, you take off your glasses and then you can no longer see or you wear the mask and run the risk of your glasses fogging up every three seconds. Neither sounds particularly appealing, right?

As an alternative... consider contacts. I’ve never had the pleasure of wearing glasses, but for those who regularly do, I”m sure there’s a logical reason why you chose glasses over contacts. Perhaps, the idea of poking your eyes with contacts doesn’t sound like your idea of fun?! In all seriousness, I’d STRONGLY suggest wearing contacts or getting a prescription for contact lens ASAP. I honestly do not think that mandatory mask use, especially for indoor spaces, will magically go away soon, so consider it an investment. After all, “Not being able to see is fine,” said no one... EVER.

PLEASE— do both yourself and your score a favor, get contact lens to prepare yourself for: #IELTS #TOEFL or #ESLtests.

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