Employment in the Midst of Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Here’s my truth- I’m lucky to have a job that a. I love and b. has not been lost due to COVID-19. Some members of my family (read- friends) have not been as fortunate. However, as I, along with billions of other people globally are now working from home, I decided to pull the trigger on starting my business by leveraging the magical power of the internet.. You might think, “Why now?“ My response, “Why not now. If not NOW, when?” I am lucky to have the opportunity to work from the comfort and safety of home and, therefore, I choose to start a business now.

In this blog, I’ll provide insights into ESL assessments. Also, due to the current climate, I will (briefly) share how I, Lori Llarena, took the leap into the world of the unknown. With you as my reader, I want you to sit back and enjoy these words as we will get through this and there will come a day (hopefully sooner rather than later) where your definition of “normalcy” returns. Until then, happy learning and stay safe.

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Until next time, happy IELTSing.

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