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Disclaimer: This site is not about politics but being that Election Day is now behind us, how could I resist, right?! You can't blame me. 😉

What you are about to read is not about one candidate or another, nor does it favor one candidate over another. Instead, my intention is to get a conversation started around the things that you don't like, and how you can change them.

Today's question is more of a challenge to you--stay here--don't go. What on Earth do I mean?

Stay... Please

Well, in case you've missed it, it seems like The Great Migration to the north—the far north--is a very real scenario for many people. For those not in the "know" this refers to Canada. This particular phenomenon is not just the case for those who are foreign or native-born. Likewise, it is not a binary choice as it impacts everyone.

Also, It seems that so many people are ready or desperately trying to get the heck out of America. This has been the case just prior/post several presidential elections, but perhaps none with such fervor and real consequences as the one facing us now.

Your reason for leaving might be voluntary or involuntary. For those who involuntarily wish to leave because of whatever cause can do so but not without taking IELTS first. When you have the choice to leave, you ultimately hold the power because no one else is dictating to you when/where you can work and/or live. You hold all the options. Put differently, the house is stacked in your favor.

Conversely, when you--or unfortunately others--make the grueling decision to move out of the country, there are million things that you have to do. Number one on that list may not be IELTS but it should absolutely be a priority. Why? Well, it is--all joking aside--your golden ticket into your new home--Canada!

However, I ask that you flip the switch and instead of leaving, you stay. Stay with the U.S.

Explore Conversations

We need more conversations, not less. People are constantly caught up in not offending someone. I can get that perspective, but only to a certain extent. Instead, I challenge you to think more critically. Don't believe what social media says. Take it with grain of salt and look past the smoke and mirrors.

Be willing to investigate to find the truth. Remember, the media is a powerful business, which may or may not always have your best interests at heart. 😲 Research, please. Don't just take what you hear on the news at face value. Question, deeply question the comments that you hear.

Now is not the time to cover your ears. Now is the time to open you ears and your mind. Listen, truly listen.

When we listen, we hear all parts and not just the ones that are the most convenient or the easiest to get through. Those tough conversations are some of the most fruitful because they are challenging and require more...of everything... patience, composure, thought, etc.

Listen, Actually Listen

Be brave, friend. Listen to someone that you don't normally agree with. You don't have to change your mind, but the mere fact that you are open to the idea and willing to listen to an opposing perspective is sure to bring some form of insight.

It may further cement your belief of one thing or another. It may not. It might even surprise you. Perhaps, you won't fully change your mind, nor do you have to, but it's key to remain open to the suggestion. Don't close yourself off to opposing viewpoints. It's not healthy for you at all.

Open Your Mind

When listening, have an open mind. You never know what that person might have to say. That individual may just end up surprising you because of what was shared and/or said.

By opening your mind, you're not abandoning your way of thinking. On the contrary, you are opening yourself to another opinion. Again, it is not something that you have agree with, but it is something that you should give time and attention to. The amount of time and attention for it is up to you. Autonomy is great thing!

Start small, you don't need to jump in with both feet. Start with dipping your toes in the water about one topic. Then, slowly add (topics or people or BOTH!) to the mix to broaden your base and sample size.

In the end, you may not change your mind. That's not the outcome. Instead, the goal is to be open to the idea and act on this new way of thinking.

Challenge yourself to something different. Different is good. Don't fear the unknown.

After all, it costs you nothing and, in the end, you gain grace and maybe even a bit of wisdom.

That's a pretty powerful exchange.

The Starting Point

When should you start? Right now! No, just kidding.

BUT you should start soon. Having an uncomfortable or uneasy conversation is hard work, and the more that you do it, the greater the variety you will have in your "life" toolkit.

People who think like you are great, but what you learn, not just about another person, but about yourself can be impactful and deeply introspective.

That is what I hope for you when you do this. Please, go out, not right this second, but start warming yourself up to the idea of chatting with someone who doesn't hold your exact viewpoints.

At first it may sound horrifying. Just you wait. Before you know it, you'll crave uncomfortable conversations. Well, maybe you won't crave them but you definitely won't cringe at them. Hey, that's a start, right?!

Start small, it only gets better from there.

Go ahead, I dare you.

In a Nutshell

Yes, you may be tempted--or perhaps--a bit more than tempted by your potential new life in Canada but it's best to examine what you're giving up by escaping. Fight the good fight down here. No, not through violence but via engaging in conversations with those who do not think the same way as you. Life is boring if everyone thinks the same way. Try something new today--you might even like it!

This is my wish plain and simple--I ask you to stay--please. Stay tuned right here and fight, the good fight that is.

Okay, now, at this precise moment, you’re ready for the recap!

❇️ Stay, don't be swayed to leave.

❇️ Think critically

❇️ Open yourself up to opposing perspectives

❇️ Truly listen to another person's thoughts

❇️ Open your mind--you'll be amazed at the outcome

❇️ Start now, start small--just make sure that you don't wait.

❇️ It's hard work but the effort is 100% worthwhile!

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Until next time, happy IELTSing!

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