IELTS Indicator NOW Available in the US

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi, and welcome back!

I know that times are #HARD, and you may be itching to get back to #normal. However, fill your time at home doing something WAY more productive. This is step one for those who wish to gain admission to their dream #university. Let’s start the learning process for mastering #IELTS TODAY. Click here to book your IELTS Indicator test. Then, let me know so we can execute your plan of attack TOMORROW.

Want to learn more? Let's chat! Click here to start your sessions.

Click here to gain weekly, IELTS insights sent straight to your inbox. This weekly series will set you up for success as you get all the information of what you need to know: before, on the day of, and after—you take IELTS. No fluff, just facts. I promise!

Until next time, friends. Stay safe, and happy IELTSing!

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