IELTS x 20

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hey there, so let’s imagine that you signed up to take #IELTS. (Is your heart racing with anticipation or fear? More on that later, my friend.) Yet, after the first and second attempt you don’t get the score you need, never mind the score you want— what do you do? Well, you register for it AGAIN because you feel that you‘re able to prepare for it on your own, so you take it for the third time... AND... what happens??? Again, you don’t get the right score and you continue to do this until you‘ve taken IELTS 19 times. Yes, you read that correctly— 19 TIMES! THEN, and only then do you reach out to me in order to perform some IELTS witchcraft and wizardry on how to get you the results that you need. Long story short, on the 20th attempt, you get the score you NEED. Wow, that took a while but perhaps you feel vindicated?! Or, not.

The above scenario sounds extreme, and it is, but it’s also 100% true. I worked with a wonderful lady who was SOOO motivated to get the score that she needed, a 7 on the IELTS speaking test, that she took IELTS 20 times. Aside from all the money, time, frustration, and disappointment that she felt each of the 19 times she received her scores, there was an enormous opportunity that was lost. For those four months, her life stopped. Everything that she did focused around IELTS. Not going out with friends because she had to study. Going to sleep incredibly late each night so that she could maximize her time studying. Eating, sleeping, and breathing only IELTS. It sounds like military training. While none of those things led to her ultimate success of getting that Band 7, she realized, perhaps, a little later than most people, that seeking the help of a professional can net incredibly positive results. In the end, she didn’t get the score she needed, she got the score she wanted. There is a big difference and that’s what I want for YOU! You’ve worked so hard to get where you are RIGHT this moment. Rather than IELTS x 20, make it LIFE x 20. Why not grab the chance of your lifetime and GET it. No one is stopping you, except for you. Are you ready??? Be brave, my friend! The results are SO worth it, and that’s a promise.

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Until next time, happy IELTSing!

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