MythBusters: IELTS Edition

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

  • You speak or know English, so there should be ZERO reason why you don’t pass (or get the score that you need) on the first or second try, right? 

  • You went to a fancy school, have multiple degrees, and the other members of your cohort passed after taking it the second time; therefore you should, too, correct?

I’ve heard one or more of the above statements hundreds of times. Each person that I speak with, prior to seeking my help, has stated a variation of either scenario at the beginning of our conversation: “Lori, I don’t know if I need your help because I speak English.” OR “Look, Lori, I went to ________ (fill in the name of a fancy school here), and therefore I’m more than able to do well on IELTS on my own.” However, I cannot state how wrong and misguided those responses are. 

Here’s the truth— you won’t pass IELTS without preparing with a professional. That’s a bold statement but it has proven true time and time again. Your degrees or the results of your cohort will not dictate YOUR success with the exam. Conversely, what does work is focusing your time and energy on HOW to take the test. IELTS preparation is an investment in YOU. There are a number of nuances associated with IELTS that no degree or program will ever teach or show you. 

Admissions, visas, and job opportunities do NOT have flexible waiting periods. Should the result that you receive after taking IELTS on the first attempt be insufficient, your timeline is now pushed back at least two months as you have to retake it. 

If your time means nothing to you, then that’s the end of our conversation. Just know that you are literally taking a gamble on your future. BUT— if you assign value to your time, as most of us do, and you want to jumpstart your preparation, I’ll help you in developing a tailored and actionable plan for YOUR particular needs.

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