Punctuation Matters

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi, there!

Yes, I know. Punctuation is not usually a FUN topic, but because I’m Lori (and I like to make fun appear out of the air), let’s dive in, okay?

Here’s why punctuation maters: without it- your words are floating in space. I’m very serious. Take a moment, close your eyes and picture it. Can you “SEE” how far away they are from you?

Not using or misusing punctuation is literally like taking a spaceship to the moon, getting off, and writing on a piece of paper. Since the paper floats, guess what?- so are your words.

Please don’t let your words drift away like you don’t care. Yes, punctuation REALLY does matter. When we add punctuation, we create a link between our ideas and how we connect to them. Also, there is beauty and power when we use punctuation. For instance, if someone gives you a very meaningful gift for your birthday, you’d be excited, right? Therefore, I would expect to see your words show it: “James, This is the coolest gift! Thanks so much!” Using periods (.) instead of exclamation points (!) shows the reader that you’re happy; using periods (in this situation) = boredom.

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Until next time, happy IELTSing!

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