The Politics of ESL Testing

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Picture this- you see an exciting, new position in XYZ country. It sounds enticing, right?! Now you have to take IELTS or TOEFL or some other form of an English-fluency test. Take this scenario: you live in the States, but the job you're looking for is in Canada. It sounds simple enough, spruce up your résumé, interview, get the job, apply for a VISA, and physically move there. However, before you are able to attain a working VISA in Canada, you MUST take IELTS. If your mind just exploded, I’ll give you a minute to clean it up. I’ll wait. Now that you’ve put all of the pieces together, your brain is thinking, “What???!!! Why do I need to take an English test? I SPEAK English? I'm seeking a job in another English-speaking country.” That might very well be true, but do you know HOW to master this test? That’s where my services come into play. More on that later.

These ESL tests are literally your ticket to your new job and into the country. Sure, you might THINK that you can speak English, but do you know how to concisely convey your thoughts via email or in a presentation with a new client? Without a solid score, you will not be able to pick up your bags and immigrate to XYZ country. Why not, Lori? Well, the hard truth is that before you get that shiny, new VISA to XYZ country, you MUST take one of these exams. As shocking or unsettling as it may seem, there is NO alternative.

Take, for example, my brother-in-law. Before he bought his plane ticket to Australia, he took IELTS. Spoiler alert, he passed and therefore was able to move to Sydney with his family a mere three months later. Even though he was a native speaker of English and borne in the States, he had to prove his fluency in all four domains: writing, speaking, reading, and listening on IELTS. He didn‘t just magically sit the test without any preparation. In fact, I am 100% convinced that anyone who does this is setting him/herself up for failure. Why would you put something as critical as your future at risk to prove to yourself that you can ace this test on the fly? I have my suspicions; none of which make any sense though.

In my years as an ESL test prep coach, I’ve provided my clients with insider tips on how to master ESL tests. It is not an exact science where if you study x number of hours per week, you will see x% growth. The process that I’ve created is an art form where, with my expertise and your dedication, I turn your greatest weakness into your most enviable strength. Let’s do this!

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Until next time, happy IELTSing.

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