Tip #2: Slow Down

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

There are some moments in life when you MUST slow down. The same is true for ESL assessments, especially during the speaking portion. When you are asked a question, whatever the question or topic is, PLEASE slow down your words. I'm not saying that you need to need to...... speak...... like...... this. Instead, take a couple of seconds to think about your response. Remember, the words that come out of your mouth matter and will determine whether or not you pass.

Speaking slowly is the same as speaking softly. If the examiner can't understand what you're saying because you are speaking too fast or too slow, your score WILL suffer. Let me put that previous sentence differently: speaking too fast/slow = a BAD score. Again, that LOW score means that your dreams of _____________ (the reason you are taking this assessment) disappear.

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