Tip #4: Express Yourself

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hey, Happy Saturday! Or, perhaps, you’re someone (I think- EVERYONE) who doesn’t remember what day of the week it is as the days blur into one another. If that’s you- Happy TODAY!

Heres’s a speaking tip- Express Yourself! No, I‘m not talking about the Madonna song. However, if that does it for you (c’mon, who doesn’t love Madonna!), by all means listen to it as you read this. It is REALLY important to use expression when you speak. If you are telling a story for a couple of minutes (because that’s what you’re asked by the examiner), PRETTY please use expression, especially if it’s a story that IS exciting! Not only is it boring for the examiner’s ears, but its not going to reflect well on your score. Imagine: you share a beautiful story and you use LOVELY adjectives only to realize (when you receive your score, of course) that you got a low mark on the speaking section. The use of appropriate expression MATTERS on the test. Please don’t waste your opportunity.

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Until next time, happy IELTSing.

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