Tip #5: Keep It Simple

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hey, welcome back!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “keep it simple.” Fun fact- this applies to ESL assessments as well; in particular, the speaking test. Let’s imagine that you want to use a fancy, NEW word while you’re speaking. Sounds cool, right?! WRONG. IF (and that’s a BIG if) you use the word properly, it MIGHT boost your score. However, if you use it incorrectly, which is usually the case, it will lead to a DECREASE in your score? WHY, Lori, WHY? Well, simply put, words that we don’t know how to use should be left at home because they cannot be understood by the examiner. Here’s something fun for all you math geeks (I’m ONE of them!), NEW word + CONFUSED examiner = a LOW score. In the end, keep it simple, not so simple, but use the words that feel comfortable (like a soft sweater) to you.

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