Transition Words

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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What are transition words and do you need them? The answer to the second part is YES! However, I’ll get to that part later. Let’s start with the first piece.

Transition words (next, finally, etc.) or transitional phrases (in the beginning, on the one hand, etc.) are EXTREMELY useful in writing AND speaking cohesively because they unite your words. Here’s an interesting comparison. In my opinion, transition words are like bread when you make a sandwich. You have everything that you want to put inside the two pieces of bread (these are your sentences), but you lack (don’t have) the BREAD (aka your transition words). After all, what is a sandwich without bread? It’s WEIRD and incomplete! This why you NEED them, like you need water to survive. Well, not THAT extreme but they are really meaningful since you want to get a higher #score. Don’t let your ideas/sentences dangle (hang) in midair.

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