The Super Speaking Workshop

You’re persistent! You continue looking around the internet to search for information that you need to know about the IELTS Speaking test— yet you have NOTHING to show for it. Does that sound familiar? How about this one? You spend hours typing in the most specific words and phrases to get the BEST answers, only to be incredibly frustrated and exhausted from all of that wasted time and energy. Are you nodding your head, yet?


It seems as if there are TOO many choices when it comes to IELTS. Where do you even start? Well, how do you even pronounce IELTS? By the way, IELTS is pronounced: “eye- I’ll- /t/ /s/.” ✔️, one mystery solved! However, what about everything that you ACTUALLY need to know about the Speaking test? Every other site and/or link claims that they have the “secrets” that you need. However, instead of uncovering secrets, you find yourself filled with even more confusion than when you started. You deserve the cold, hard facts about the Speaking test. 


If you seek the truth about the IELTS Speaking test in easy and clear understand English, look no further. The whole truth and nothing but the truth is what you can expect when you register for the Super Speaking Workshop. Queue your country winning the #WorldCup. Can you hear and feel the excitement?!


In the Super Speaking Workshop, you’ll:


  • get answers to your burning questions about everything you WISH you knew about the Speaking test BUT have yet to learn (FINALLY!!)

  • be amazed at the FIVE strategies to incorporate into your IELTS Speaking practice right NOW

  • learn 5 ingredients to boosting your IELTS Speaking test by 1 band (I guarantee you won’t find these anywhere else.)

  • gain an insider’s perspective on the Speaking rubric (This will surprise you because you NEED to find out how the rubric fits into the IELTS puzzle. Spoiler alert— it’s a HUGE and often ignored topic.)

  • determine how and why your score can increase by viewing and using the Speaking rubric as a friend and not a foe (**Knowing how to adjust and interpret the rubric is another way to boost your score.**)

  • receive a special offer only available to those who register— AND stay until the end

  • be able to watch it on your own time because it’s on-demand (YES!)


Finally... are you ready to have your mind blown?! Let’s do this!


The Super Speaking Workshop is valued at $297. To gain access it to it, select a membership option that works with you, and you’ll have ALL of the workshops at your fingertips. Already a member, click here.